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11 de junio de 2011

Nuevo diseño de Fei (en proceso)

Un aporte de Braulio Guido para el Proyecto Noah...! esperemos mas avances...

Braulio Guido (artista 3d)

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Idd dijo...


I'am actually a game developper and i just found your blog.

I had the idea with some of my friends infographist and friends developpers to put up a full 3D demo of xenogears but we lacked of 3D modelers to make characters.

I would like to know if you're interested in starting this projet by working with us ?

Cabrera, Diego dijo...

Hi, thanks for the support. Well it sure sounds great to develop a 3D full demo version. You may send me a private email to let me know more about this project of yours, maybe with some links of your work. Let´s keep in touch. Carry on.